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How do I access my reviewers’ scores and notes?

After all reviewers have reviewed the applications, the Score Manager can decide the

application status for all of them: ACCEPT or DECLINE based on their internal guidelines for review. 

The Scoring Manager will be able to see the REVIEWER STATUS of each application, which indicates how many reviewers have scored out the application of the total reviewers assigned. 

AVERAGE REVIEW will show the average total of all scores. 

By clicking on ALL REVIEWER NOTES, the Scoring Manager can read all notes entered for an application by the reviewers. 

In DECISION STATUS, the Scoring Manager has the ability to choose whether an application is any of the following statuses: ACCEPT or DECLINE. 

Applications in PENDING status means a decision has yet to be made. 

When an application is declined in Round 1, the following will happen:

  • The application status will update to DECLINED
  • The application will disappear from the table due to the default DECISION STATUS filter. When the  DECLINED ones are filtered, it will appear. The default setting will show ACCEPTED and PENDING status unless toggled on.

When an application is accepted in Round 1, the following should happen:

  • The application It will update its status will update  to ACCEPTED
  • The application will remain in the table due to the default DECISION STATUS filter.
  • Its DECISION STATUS for Round 2 will move to PENDING until a decision for Round 2 has been made. 

If needed, the DECISION STATUS for any application in a round “In Progress” can be

updated as desired.

Closing the Review Round:

Before closing an IN PROGRESS round from the Round’s table, all the applications should

have a final status: DECLINED or ACCEPTED.  If there is at least one PENDING application, a message will appear informing the following:.

When all applications have a final status and the Scoring Manager closes the round, the following message should appear:

If you click on the CANCEL button, the message will close and the round will remain IN PROGRESS.

Once the Scoring Manager clicks the CONFIRM button, the message will close and the round will change its status from IN PROGRESS to CLOSED. After that, Round 1 can’t be reopened again and Round 2 can be activated if/when needed. The process will continue until all applications have a DECISION STATUS attached.