How do I invite applicants to apply to my RFP?

To invite applicants to apply to your grant cycle, you’ll do this in Step 5 of your grant cycle intake form.

If you are running an Invite-Only cycle then you will see the “Search for Existing Applicants” search box. Please enter the applicant name, contact name, fiscal sponsor, email address or tax ID to search through the JustFund network in case the applicant already has a JustFund account. If they do, they will show up in the Search Results and you’ll be able to click the “+” button and once they login to their RFP they will have access to the Funding Opportunity to apply. 

If you do not see the applicant after you’ve searched via the recommended filters, you can scroll towards the bottom of the page, and “Create a New Applicant Account.”


To Create A New Applicant Account, please enter the required fields, such as applicant name, tax status, contact email address, contact first name and contact last name. You also have the option to add multiple contacts for an organization. Once you add this new applicant, when your RFP is live on the announcement date, they will receive an email inviting them to set up their credentials on JustFund. 

If you are running an open grant cycle, you do not need to follow any of the previous steps, but instead, just click “Submit.”