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How do I mark funding on an application?

To mark grant recommendations, you will need to click into the application that you would like to fund. You can fund an applicant through their application submitted to your funding opportunity or directly through their organization profile.

To mark funding on an application submitted to your funding opportunity, go to your “Submissions” table, and choose the application you are going to fund. 

Once you click on the application, click on the “Fund” button.

The Funding Modal will now open. 

1. Under “Commitment Action” select ADD NEW FUNDING
  • If you are marking funding on behalf of a grant cycle, select GRANT CYCLE, choose the grant cycle name and populate relevant fields.
  • If you are marking funding on behalf of your fund, select the Fund Name and populate relevant fields.
2. Indicate the GRANT TYPE (general operating grant, program or project support grant, or other).
    1. When selecting the "GRANT TYPE", please keep the following in mind:
        • A GENERAL OPERATING GRANT is unrestricted and supports an organization's overall activities. These include but are not limited to operating expenses and overhead.
        • A PROJECT or PROGRAM SUPPORT GRANT grant is restricted funding that typically supports a very specific project or activity of the organization. These grants are usually tied to specific project-based outcomes. Please note that all grants to fiscally sponsored projects must be entered as PROJECT or PROGRAM SUPPORT GRANTS.
        • If the organization is fiscally sponsored, please select "Program or Project Support.

3. You can add a comment in the COMMENT box indicating any special note about that funding.

4. Repeat this process for each grant you mark. Feel free to leave a comment to share why you are funding the organization. This comment will be visible to the organization and other JustFunders. 

Note: Organizations will be able to see commitments marked on their application and organization profile.

If you marked funding incorrectly, to edit, you will need to visit your DASHBOARD, click on FUNDING and then click on the proposal you previously marked funding for. Click FUND and under COMMITMENT ACTIONS choose the corresponding cycle and edit and click SAVE.

To mark funding directly through an organization’s profile page, search for the organization you are looking to fund, click on their profile page, click the “FUND” button and follow the steps above. 

You will have the option of sending a notification to the grantee following the commitment. You can send an email at this time, or return to your dashboard to send at a later time.

Below is a video walkthrough on how to mark funding on an application: