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How do I review/score an application?

Once you have been invited to a review round, you will receive an email invitation indicating that the round has started.

To begin reviewing, login to your JustFund account and click the ‘Review’ button in your top menu bar. On this page you will be able to click into the grant cycle with an active round to begin scoring and reviewing applications. 

To review applications, click the “Review” button next to each application and the scoring tab will open.

In this tab, you can review the application content and toggle on and off sections to score the application and add notes that will be visible to other application reviewers. 

How to score: 

By clicking the SCORE toggle button, the rubric will open in order to score the

Application. By clicking the “Score” toggle button again, the rubric will close.

When scoring the application, the reviewer should assign only one value to each row. The reviewer can save the score by clicking the“Save” button.

Once the reviewer has indicated a value for all rows, they can submit their scoring for the application. The score, notes, and statuses will then be updated in the applications and grant cycle tables on the Review tab. 

To edit a submitted score, the reviewer can click the Review button next to the application they would like to update, update the score accordingly, and click the SAVE button. The score can be edited until the round has closed.

How to add notes:

By clicking the NOTES toggle, the notes module will open for the reviewer to add comments  to the application. By clicking the NOTES toggle button again, the notes module will be closed.

Once the reviewer types the notes, they will be saved automatically and the auto-save

indicator will be displayed on the bottom right side of the notes box. Notes can be updated and deleted if needed until the round has closed.

Next to the MY NOTES tab, the ALL NOTES will be displayed. There, the reviewer can view the notes from all the reviewers for that application. 

After the reviewer scores all assigned applications, the PENDING MY REVIEW column will display 0 and that means the reviewer has no applications remaining to score. Please see below a video walkthrough of the process.