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How do I set up my Funder profile page?

1) Setting up your Funder profile page:

To set up your Funder Profile Page, you need to be the Primary Contact or have the permission turned on to Manage Profile. The Primary Contact is typically the first person that sets up the Fund Account. 

If you have either of those capabilities, click on the name of your fund next to the “Viewing as: _____” in the top menu bar.



2.  Complete your Fund's information:

Complete your Fund’s information on the "Details" tab, including uploading your organization's logo, fund summary, contact details and financial information.



Using the "Media" tab, you can upload a banner and photos.



3. Previewing and publishing Funder profile page:

You can preview what your Funder Page will look like before it is published by clicking on “Preview” on the top menu bar on the right hand side. You can also save changes and preview before you publish the page. Once you’re ready, click “Publish.”



For a step by step walkthrough on how to set up your Funder Profile Page, please view the video below: