How do I set up scoring for my grant cycle?

As a Score Manager, you’ll now see the REVIEW button at the top left-hand side  of the navigation bar when you log in to your JustFund account. 

The Score Manager will be able to create scoring rubrics, and assign Reviewers to review rounds or specific Applications.  

The Review option will be displayed if the user meets one of the following conditions: 

  • The user has “Mark Funding” permission on the user tab of the fund profile: In this case, the user is a Score Manager. 
  • The user has been invited by the Score Manager to review any application from a Grant Cycle. In this case, the user is a Scorer/Reviewer.

Once you click on REVIEW, it will bring you to the following page.

You will see the following:

  • Rubric Management button
  • Grant Cycle Review table with the columns:
    • Grant Cycle: Grant Cycle’s name
    • Status: Review status
    • Pending My Review: Total of assigned user’s pending reviews for that Grant Cycle
    • Pending All Reviews: Total of all user’s pending reviews for that Grant
    • Cycle
    • Deadline Date: Deadline date of the grant cycle, which triggers the cycle’s availability for review 
    • Decisions Announced Date: Grant Cycle’s Decisions Announced Date

There are two actions that could be performed in this table:

  • The following columns could be ordered in an ascendant and descendant way:
    • Pending My Review
    • Pending All Review
    • Deadline Date
    • Decisions Announced Date
  • All Grant Cycles could be filtered by Status: INACTIVE, IN REVIEW, or ALL.  The default value is ALL.

Important definitions: 

  • In Review: Grant Cycles with this status are available to be reviewed. Review period is active between the Deadline Date and the Decisions Announced Date.
  • Inactive: Grant Cycles with this status cannot be either because the cycle’s decision date has already passed, or the deadline date for the cycle has not yet passed. 

Rubric Management:

To set up a scoring rubric as a Score Manager, click the “Rubric Management” button, the Rubric Management page will be displayed.

To create a new rubric, click on the CREATE RUBRIC button, which will display two types of rubrics for creation.

All rubrics are editable. You can edit the rubric name, columns and rows. All edits have a max length of 20 characters.

If you click on the CANCEL button, it will return to the Rubric Management page. If you click on the SAVE button, the rubric will be saved and displayed at the bottom in the Rubric’s table.

Once you are back in the RUBRIC MANAGEMENT PAGE, you have the ability to EDIT, DUPLICATE or DELETE a rubric.

Setting up grant cycle for review:

Once you have completed and saved your rubric,, return to the REVIEW page. You will see a list of all grant cycles. When you click on a specific grant cycle, it will open up the ROUNDS section to begin to set up your scoring.

You have the ability to enable up to two rounds of reviewing a Grant Cycle and should be started and finished between the Deadline Date and the Decisions Announced Date. Before starting a round, the following fields should be completed:

  • Select the rubric you would like to utilize for the round of scoring
  • Set a Review Due Date
  • Add reviewers - these users will have the ability to review and score applications in their account

You’ll then need to add your reviewers. Please note that a reviewer must be an active user of the Fund account before you can add them as a reviewer. More than one reviewer can be added. Please reference this helpful article on how to add/manage users: How do I manage users that are part of my fund?


When the Score Manager adds new reviewers from the round’s table, the reviewers are invited to score/review all of the applications that have been submitted to the grant cycle.

If you would like to assign specific applications to specific reviewers, you can add reviewers directly in the applications section noted in the screenshot below.

To Activate the Round:

Once all required fields are filled, the round can be started by clicking on the toggle. After clicking the toggle button the following message will appear:

If you click on the CANCEL button, the round will not start and it will return to the previous page. When you click the CONFIRM button, the round will start and an invitation email will be sent to the reviewers added to the round. Additionally, the following information will be updated:

  • Grant Cycles table:
    • Pending My Review
    • Pending All Reviews
  • Rounds table:
    • Round toggle color
    • Status: from “Not Started” to “In Progress”
  • Applications table:
    • Review Due Date
    • Pending My Review

You will now be able to see the following:

  • Application Name 
  • Round Status
  • My Review: if you are participating in reviewing 
  • Reviewer Status: showcasing how many reviewers have completed their review.
  • All Reviewer Notes: you can click into review any optional notes left by the reviewers. 
  • Average review
  • Decision Status