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How do I submit a proposal to a funding opportunity?

Begin by clicking FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES on the top menu bar. Select what funding opportunity you would like to apply to. Once you read the directions, eligibility, and details, click the Apply button at the bottom of the page. A pop up will appear offering you three options:

  • Option 1: Create a New Proposal 
    • Start from scratch to draft a new proposal.
  • Option 2: Use an Active Proposal to Apply to Another Funding Opportunity
    • To save you time, use an active proposal to apply to as many funding opportunities as you'd like.
  • Option 3: Copy Existing Proposal Content
    • To use content from an active proposal as the basis of a new draft, copy the proposal and edit content as needed.

After you select your preferred option you will be able to complete the NARRATIVE, DETAILS and ADDITIONAL INFO sections. If the funding opportunity you are applying to requires responses to supplemental questions or has required attachments, you can answer the questions and attach documents on the Additional Info tab.

Please note: If you select Option 2, you will only be able to answer any supplemental questions, add attachments, and update funding information. All other content will not be editable. 

To proceed with this option, select the name of the proposal you would like to use. You can confirm what the proposal content includes by clicking VIEW and the proposal you selected will open up in a new browser window. Once you have confirmed the proposal you want to use, click CONTINUE. You will see that the content for the NARRATIVE and DETAILS tab will be grayed out and not editable. However, you will be able to update and include information in the Additional Info tab. 

If you have successfully submitted your proposal, a SUBMISSION COMPLETE window will pop up. You will also be able to see that your proposal has an Active label and will include the date that it was submitted.

Once your proposal is submitted, it will be viewable to the funder you applied to, along with all JustFunders on the portal. This will increase the visibility of your work and the opportunity for you to receive additional funding.

For a step by step walk through on how to submit a proposal, please view the video below: