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How do I submit an application to other funding opportunities?

After you’ve published your Organizational Profile and applied to your first grant opportunity on JustFund, you can continue fundraising by applying to other grant opportunities on the platform! There is no limit to the number of grant opportunities you can apply to, and you can apply to grants even if the fundraising goal has been met. 

First, ensure that your Organizational Profile is up-to-date by signing into your account and clicking on the organization’s name in the top menu bar. Review all fields under the Details and Media tab and make updates as needed. 



Click View to preview the organization’s profile page at any time. When you’re done editing your Profile, click Update.


Next, click the Funding Opportunities tab from the menu bar to view available funding opportunities on JustFund.



Click on the funder you’re interested in to learn about the funder, review eligibility requirements, submission deadline, and instructions for submitting an application. 

If the grant opportunity is a good fit, click the Apply button to begin part two of the Common Application. Be sure to answer the funder’s specific questions and provide any required attachments, if available. Then click Submit to submit your organization’s application.