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What is the JustFund Common Application™?

JustFund is the nation's first - and only - common grant application platform designed to move more money to movements, particularly communities that are chronically underfunded and historically excluded. The JustFund Common Application™ is two parts. 

  • Part 1: Complete and publish your profile. Your published profile will be visible to all funders in the JustFund community, increasing the reach of your work to new funders and networks. You can update your profile at any time. Once your profile is published, your work will be visible to hundreds of JustFunders on the platform to view and fund. In addition, you can proceed to search and apply to eligible Funding Opportunities, via the “Funding Opportunities” tab of your dashboard.
  • Part 2: Complete any specific questions and attachments requested by the available Funding Opportunity. Once submitted, this content will be visible only to you and the funder requesting this information. 

Please ensure that all fields in your profile are up to date when applying to a Funding Opportunity. As part of your application, your profile information will also be submitted and dated at time of submission.