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What is the JustFund Common Application™?

JustFund is the nation's first - and only - common grant application platform designed to move more money to movements, particularly communities that are chronically underfunded and historically excluded. The JustFund Common Application™ is two parts. 

  • Part 1: Complete and publish your profile. Your published profile will be visible to all funders in the JustFund community, increasing the reach of your work to new funders and networks. You can update your profile at any time. Once your profile is published, your work will be visible to hundreds of JustFunders on the platform to view and fund. In addition, you can proceed to search and apply to eligible Funding Opportunities, via the “Funding Opportunities” tab of your dashboard.
  • Part 2: Complete any application-specific questions and provide requested attachments through the Funding Opportunity. Once submitted, this content will be visible only to you and the funder requesting this information. 

Click here to view the full list of fields required to complete Part 1 of the Common Application

Important Notes

  • Please ensure that all fields in your profile are current when applying to a Funding Opportunity.
  • Your organization's profile will be submitted as part of your application to the funding opportunity. The Basic Information section of your profile, which includes the Mission Statement, Organization Description, and Team Description fields, will be dated at the time of submission. Any updates to the Basic Information section will not show on applications submitted before editing these fields. 
  • Changes made to the Profile Filters section of your organization's profile will reflect on any submitted application, even if the application was submitted prior to updating the Profile Filters fields.

Monthly Applicant Training Webinar

For more information about JustFund's Common Application, we invite you to join our monthly applicant training sessions. Please follow this link to register.


Common Application Best Practices

Saving Your Common Application

You must answer all required fields to save Part 1 of the Common Application. If you are still finalizing responses to the Basic Information Section, Mission Statement, Organization Description, Team Description, and Financial Information, we recommend adding placeholder information so that you can save your progress.  

Entering Your Organization's Address

Step 1: To enter your organization's full address in Part 1 of the Common Application, first ensure the correct country is selected for your organization. You can do that by using the dropdown menu in the Country field.

Step 2: Type your organization's Street Address in the Street Address field; entering your organization's address will generate a list of possible matches.

Step 3: Select your organization's address when it appears in the menu list; this will enable the corresponding state, city, and zip code to auto-populate in the State/Territory, City, and Zip Code/Post Code fields.

Please note that US-based organizations will not need to type in a state manually. Adding the street address will cause the correct state to automatically populate into your organization's profile in the State Field.  

Mission Statements

Your mission statement should help people understand the ethos of your organization and describe its unique purpose. Mission statements also help organizations maintain values alignment and act as a guide when designing programs and crafting strategic plans. This is a great place to briefly summarize who the organization serves, its principles, and long-term goals.

Organization Description Field

We recommend sharing the organization's background and the type of activities you conduct in the Organization Description. Here, you'll describe your organization's origin story by thoroughly explaining the mission and motivation for organizing. You're encouraged to share an in-depth report on the organization's activities, program planning and evaluation processes, and the communities it serves. Also, name any accomplishments and milestones that showcase your organization's progress in fulfilling its purpose. 

Team Description Field

The Team Description field introduces funders to your organization's key staff members, volunteers or partnerships. This section should affirm your organization's ability to carry out the project or initiative outlined in your Common Application. You can describe staff members' professional experience and developmental activities, personal experience that aligns with your organization's mission, and the nature of your partnerships with other organizations, if any.


Select 'Yes' if your organization receives grant dollars to redistribute to grantees. Then enter your organization's Annual Grantmaking Budget, including expenses, the Average Grant Amount, and the number of grants issued per year. You can also name the type of grant, funding category, and priorities in this section. If your organization does not engage in regranting activities or you are uncertain, select 'No' or 'Not Sure.'

Annual Budget Field

We've created a One-Number Annual Budget Template to help you determine your organization's budget number. 

We recommend adding your organization's annual operational budget in the Annual Budget field. The operational budget encompasses all expenses and income for the organization within one fiscal year, including general administrative costs, salaries, program revenue and expenses, and income from grants and donations.

The Annual Budget is a one-number budget calculated by subtracting grants and other assistance to domestic organizations, governments, and individuals, grants made to foreign entities and individuals, and benefits to members from the Total Functional Expenses. This formula is based on the IRS' nonprofit annual report, Form 990.

Financial Need Field

The Financial Need field in Part 2 of the Common Application is optional. You may use this section to further explain how you will use the grant to conduct specific activities and achieve particular goals for the nonprofit. You can also express the importance of your initiative in addressing gaps and needs within the community your organization serves.